3D virtual tours during the restorations of historical objects
SJSC “State Real Estate” (SRE) is the largest manager of Latvia’s greatest assets – land and buildings. Land and cultural heritage, old and modern buildings, state border and customs infrastructure – all of these are national treasures for the people of Latvia. One of our top priorities is to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage by renovating significantly valuable buildings. While in the renovation process we have created 3D interactive virtual tours of how the buildings - Rīgas pils (eng. Rigas castle) and Jaunais Rīgas teātris (eng. The new riga theater) will look afterwards. Take the opportunity to look into the future premises of Riga Castle without leaving home. Video of the reconstruction and restoration of the invited viewing project is also aviable on YouTube. Riga Castle is an architectural monument of national significance and one of the most outstanding castles in Latvia. It is also one of the most important projects of SRE. The purpose of its restoration and the current monuments for future generations with the maximum amount of architectural elements and structures. The aim of the New Riga Theatre renovation and construction project is to create a modern European-level theatre. There will be a modern workshop on the basement floor. It is the underground part that is one of the most important components of the project, which allows one to implement the idea of “theatre-house”, i.e. everything from the production of decorations to the theatre performance can be implemented together without wasting extra resources. The aim of the reconstruction and restoration of the convent (kastela) of Riga Castle is to preserve the historical heritage, to highlight Riga Castle as an important historical place and to create premises for a modern museum. The chapel and remtera rooms of the Riga Castle convent building are planned to be restored to their original medieval form. The aim of the restoration is to preserve this monument for future generations with the maximum amount of architectural elements and structures. The National History Museum of Latvia will be located in the oldest part of Riga Castle. We often participate in different industry events and organize our own, to tell experts and society of the valuable historical heritage and how we endeavor and manage to preserve it. Virtual reality transforms the way educational content is delivered - when wearing our 3D glasses, viewers are immersed in Lativa's cultural heritage and the future of it.