JiTT.travel: the easy way to create and share travel guides
The main mission of JiTT.travel Publisher is to democratize the access to culture, and it can become a structural tool for tourism smart countries. Through this innovative tool, from individuals to companies, even without code knowledge or significant financial capacity, they can now generate their own quality travel guide app. We believe that trough the Publisher platform we are enabling a wide array of ordinary people, the possibility of sharing their writing skills and delivering their contents, at the same level as famous travel writers and big tourism brands or companies. This content will, never the less, have to reviewed and validated by our team of content experts, before being launched on the digital stores. Mobile queries have increased for more than 50% since 2014 and 88% of the growth of the mobile web conversion rates for travel sites (Google analytics, USA data, May 2015). JiTT.travel Publisher represents a disruptive way, creating a new channel of distribution of content, reaching new audiences. By having a wide array of contents available on a handled device "anytime, anywhere" we believe are contributing to democratize access to culture and quality information. We created a pioneer technology tool that allows, from individuals to corporations, even without code knowledge, or significant financial capacity, to have their own travel guide, available side by side on the market with big tourism brands. For tourism boards, as well as other institutions in this industry, this platform will enable the push of their destinations at a worldwide level, only by paying a yearly royalty fee to use the Publisher platform. JiTT.travel Publisher aims to create global solutions for tourism and lifestyle, history, heritage, and culture. It bridges content and technology, focused on usability (optimized for mobile and the web), quality of design and the effective management of tailored products and top-level user experience. The platform enables the generation of original and thematic content optimized for various digital media, available in multiple languages with cultural adaptation. By providing the technology and the delivery channel, we are giving the chance to anyone who doesn't have the connections, the finance capacity and the technological knowledge to generate a product and sharing/selling it on a world scale, just by putting into practice his talent for writing. On the other hand, we believe that JiTT.travel Publisher represents the ultimate tool also for tourism boards, travel companies, tourism brands and others, by creating their own travel guides, powered by a singular algorithm, which will serve as an extra add on their products. By using this added value they could reach targeted audiences and create more engagement with their clients. Especially those entities or brands that don't have the means to make large scale marketing campaigns, they have here a new possibility of reaching markets and audiences that they would never reach through the traditional media or distribution channels. After all, we have seen an 88% growth of the mobile web conversion rates for travel sites in 2015 (USA data, Google analytics). To create a guide on JiTT.travel Publisher the user just needs to follow a certain flow: register and can start immediately using the platform. Firstly needs to give a title to the guide, choose the language and the destination. After the guide is created, he can start uploading his stories. The user can upload how many stories he wants, without being concerned with routes creation, because these routes will be generated by the JiTT.travel technology. After finishing the guide the user just needs to validate it and to check if there is any vital information missing, and if it's not, submit the guide. After the submission, JiTT.travel team receives an email notification informing that there is a new guide waiting for validation, and as soon as someone of the JiTT team approves the guide will be available on JiTT.travel marketplace app some minutes after (although activation on the stores will take few days). Anytime the user can edit, update and add new stories and additional information to his guide. The guides can be made available for free or underpayment. The created guides on the Publisher platform are made available through JiTT.travel, a worldwide travel & lifestyle marketplace (aggregation app) available in the App Store, Google Play and the top Android app stores across the world. So, the publisher gets more visibility by being part of this huge marketplace. A single person even if he had the means to create his own travel guide app, could hardly achieve success in the app's marketplace since, as we all know, there are thousands of travel apps in the stores. By having one single tourism & lifestyle marketplace where all the publishers have their contents, there is a greater chance for success. It's simply the dictum "together we are strong". All the guides benefit from the unique JiTT.travel guides technology. In fact, it was due our background specialized in writing tourism guides that we decided to use our know-how and create JiTT.travel Publisher, so that "anyone" can do what we have been doing in the past years. By access JiTT.travel app the user will see all the guides available, from every publisher to every destination and in which languages. By choosing the destination and the language the user downloads the chosen guide. After the download, the contents are provided through our innovative and unique technology. The app displays a router planner, which allows the user to choose some variables that will serve to the designed algorithm generates the perfect route to each person. The app uses GPS to know the user's location and asks him to choose the time he has available; if he wants to return to the starting point; if he would like to visit interiors or just make an outside tour; and if he wants to use public transportation. Considering the previous user's choices the JiTT.travel algorithm generates a tour. But if the user would like to edit and personalize it, he can simply delete or add Points of Interest. The app in an intelligent way will reorganize the route, taking into account the editions made. The generated tour is displayed through offline maps, on which is marked the Points of Interest (POIs) and the path. The maps provide other useful information such as ATM's locations, WiFi spots, and police stations. Every POI has information such as addresses, contacts, opening times and public transportation. With that information, the app knows the schedules and avoids sending the user to visit POIs that are closed. It also indicates the best transport to use (metro, bus, tram, train) and indicates the lines and the stops. Besides the points of interest, the app suggests several curious and interesting stories related to the destination that aims to enrich the tourist experience. In some destinations is also possible to have additional features like services such as Uber, Viator or Booking. We believe that JiTT.travel Publish is an innovative technology that could bring a lot of opportunities for the tourism industry and travel market, as well for travel writers, by connecting content and digital in such an easy, accessible and unprecedented way.

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