Anne Frank House VR
We created a virtual Secret Annex, the place where Anne, her family and four others hid for more than 2 years during WWII. This experience is made in VR and allows people to engage with and learn about the story of Anne. In 1942, during the second world war, Anne Frank, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family were forced to go into hiding to escape persecution from the Nazis. For more than two years, the Franks and 4 others would live in the “Secret Annex” of an old office building in Amsterdam, sharing the burden of living in hiding in confined quarters with the constant threat of discovery and subsequent death. The Anne Frank House VR offers a unique and emotional insight into these two years. You can experience the world-famous Anne Frank House in a never before seen way. You travel back to the years of the second world war and wander through the rooms of the Annex that housed the group of 8 Jewish people as they hid from the Nazi persecution. You can immerse yourself in Anne’s thoughts as you traverse each faithfully recreated room, fully restored in VR, the way it looked like before ill fate hit the Annex and its brave inhabitants. Based on Anne Frank’s diary, historical research and available originals, we created 3D models of the rooms and all the items that once furnished the hiding place. Items that we can’t show in the museum, or that were lost after Anne and the other people in hiding were arrested. This experience vastly expands our audience. Although 1.3 million people visit the Anne Frank House every year, this is not possible for many others, either due to financial limitations, or because the steep stairs and narrow corridors limit those with restricted mobility.

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