Digital Future Space / Ludwig-Erhard-Zentrum

The Ludwig-Erhard-Center (LEZ) in Fürth documents the life and work of the so-called father of the social market economy. In cooperation with the architects of NEO.STUDIO, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE created the experience DIGITALER ZUKUNFTSRAUM for the permanent exhibition. The complex subject of the exhibition raises the question of how enthusiasm is generated through complex political and socio-economic contexts, and how young visitors can be reached and brought to interaction within a range of topics that includes past, present and future.

A projection surface, 15 meters wide and 3.5 meters high, with laterally adjacent reflection surfaces, blurs the boundaries of the real space with those of the projection. The visitor is invited to immerse playfully into the informative experience.

The production begins with introductory sequences. The associative imagery of the large-scale projection - an aestheticized typology of thematic terms, quotes and graphics – explains the presence and anticipates the future. The viewer is introduced to dynamic social topics such as Demographic Change, Globalization, Digitization and Sustainability.

In the following, three characters appear: An entrepreneur for instance talks about the opportunities of digitization, a student expresses concern about the security of his personal data, and a bookseller shows concern regarding the speed of change.

A spatially perceptible quiz, which sets in during the course of the 15 minute media production, opens the threshold between observation and participation, for visitors of all ages. Participation replaces passivity, and one's own position, for example on the future of the Social Market Economy, can be explored playfully.

By physically entering one of the answer-fields appearing on the floor, the participant actively controls the course of the film projection. Showing the consequences resulting from personal opinions, the receptive staging is being transformed into an educational-interactive one.

Before leaving the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to leave their self-portrait and a personal message, addressed to a virtual posterity. At the installation ZUKUNFTSGESICHT (FUTURE FACE) positioned opposite the main projection screen, the participant takes a photo of himself on a large-format touch screen, super-imposed with the texture of the exhibition’s visionary aesthetics and set in context with the future. Combined with a personal wish for the digital tomorrow entered via on-screen keyboard, the photography becomes a very personal souvenir, sent to the visitor via e-mail.