Waggle Dance

The Gallery of Matica srpska was established in 1847 in Pest (present day Budapest), under the auspices of The Matica srpska, the oldest literary, cultural and scientific society of the Serbs. The Matica srpska, a meeting point for the Serbian people within the Habsburg Monarchy, was established with the idea of national development. The beehive was selected as a symbol, as it represents a place of assembly by its form and system of organization, hence, personifying gathering and functioning. The video "Waggle Dance" is part of the project "Beehive. Tradition and Contemporary Art", which was created to offer the symbol of The Matica srpska, the beehive, as an inspiration for creative work to its contemporary artists, in the year of marking the 190th anniversary of its establishing, while rebuilding and encouraging the noble idea of donating to the oldest Serbian scientific, literary and cultural society. The beehive, as a place of symbolic gathering and collecting represents a contemporary art treasury, thus equalizing itself with a museum/house where artworks are gathered and preserved. Works by contemporary artists, such as Antić’s "Waggle Dance", use the Matica srpska beehive as their ideological-visual stronghold, as a starting point for accomplishing visual re/interpretations of the realized traditional art forms (painting, drawing, graphics, digital print, sculpture, audio-visual recordings, texts, photos, readymade). Tendencies of modern art, sprouted with the emergence of installations, have established an extremely assimilating form toward all of these disciplines, and therefore, they more become elements that create topologies of certain places. Museum architecture becomes an elementary unit of the art, which is why the historical and cultural exhibition space of the Gallery of Matica srpska (with the beehive-emblem as a symbol of its work and program) becomes a place of installation – a collective exhibition of artists who responded to the given topic. The idea by which contemporary artists introduce the beehive motif in their own artwork emphasizes the symbolic effect of the work around a common goal with the purpose of expanding the voice of art.

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