English Women in Paris
The project of video production “In Focus” started in October 2018 by the team of curators working in the Department for Programme and Presentation of the Gallery of Maticasrpska. Before this project, the Gallery was publishing texts about artworks from the collection in very traditional way on its webpage. Thanks to the knowledge and creativity of curators in filmmaking, they started producing videos by themselves,that would bring popularity and interesting point of view to some of the most famous artworks of Serbian Art History. Until today, the Gallery published 9 short films about portraits, self-portraits, historical and genre scenes of well-known Serbian artists from 18th, 19th and 20th century, such as ĐuraJakšić, StevanAleksić, PetarDobrović, Sava Šumanović and many more. The videos present a work of art in the mise-en-scène of the museum or the place which describes the scene of the painting. Through narration and voices of characters, curators highlight some interesting details and stories of the work. They talk about the life of the artist or the portrayed one, as well as about the story of making the work of art and its mysterious ways of becoming a part of the museum collection. Observing and contemplating on works of art in daily work during the preparation of every video, curators are inspired to make it alive in various ways. They are making scenario, researching for different props and costumes, they act, direct and film scenes and narration, and finally they edit and publish the video on YouTube Channel of the Gallery. On one side, videos give a new perspective on artworks for the audience, and from the other side, they offer different perceptions of art for the curators themselves. Furthermore, the process of the production of videos, make special work environment and give opportunity for curators to explore their different talents. The video "English Women in Paris" was made as a part of the series “In Focus” as well as for the exhibition “Sava Choumanovitch et le secret de La Couple” that was opened in the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris in May 2019. The film presents the story about owners of the painting and its interesting “travels”. The scene from the painting is revived by three curators and two children of their colleagues in the park in front of the Gallery of Maticasrpska. Apart from the idea of showing how one painting is changing its place through its existence, the video describes the powerful scene of enjoyment of bourgeois class and the sense of the artist Sava Choumanovitch to catch this idyllic life. Also, it gives a notion to the viewer how Choumanovitch was painting and expressing his artistic ideology. Having in mind the written above, we can say that museums and exhibitionscan be used as film stages – places which tackle human imagination, notions about the past and present and arouse emotions. They have a power to bring in life historical epochs and the spirit of the past times. Making a “motion in the picture” curators can revived the artwork that lives under the roof of the Gallery and in a unique way offer visitors new experience of art and museum collection. We hope that by making the project “In Focus” we reached new audience and changed the way people are looking at art.

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