Alphonse Mucha - Contemporary Influence

Mucha: In Search of Beauty - Contemporary influence Description Although many of us will not know Mucha by name, we are familiar with his images - generations of people are familiar with his distinctive imagery through years of exposure in popular culture. Narrated by interviews with Tomoko Sato (Mucha Foundation curator), contemporary tattoo artist Aimee Cornwell and curator Pippa Stephenson – this beautiful film explores and examines the enduring appeal and pervasiveness of Alphonse Mucha’s art and imagery. In the 1960s, Mucha enjoyed a crucial renaissance. After decades of being hidden behind the iron curtain of communism, a series of London exhibitions, including the V&A’s seminal 1963 ‘Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau’ led to his enormous growth in popularity. Soon, he was to feature on record sleeves and posters for bands include the Supremes, Gypsy, The Grateful Dead and Hawkwind, as popularised by Canadian rock poster artist Bob Masse. His imagery became synonymous with the swinging sixties and psychedelic seventies. His style continues to influence recording artists, including the popular Florence and the Machine, who advertise their tours using his distinctive style, which matches their otherworldly aesthetic. Today, Mucha’s work finds appeal amongst tattoo designers and fashion labels. A growth of illustrators and graphic artists take inspiration from his clear lines, and distinctive style. Tattooists from across the globe – including Aimee Cornwell, based in Oxford, take direct inspiration from Mucha. The film will feature Aimee talking about her relationship with Mucha’s work, show her work and process, and feature an interview with one of her clients. With sumptuous, newly commissioned visuals, this engaging multi-voice film goes some way to discuss just what it is that continues to draw so many to Mucha’s work.

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