Waterways Ireland VR Heritage Canal Experience
The Waterways Ireland Virtual Heritage Canal Experience is a complex, engaging, easy-to-use multimedia interactive system. It can be quickly and freely added to any VR headset or smart device. In addition it can experienced via YouTube. The VR experience contains 360-degree image, animation, video, 3D models, text, sound and narration. This truly immersive experience makes the waterway adventure much more memorable, enjoyable and superior. Importantly it makes the canal environment and its rich heritage accessible to all, those of all abilities including those in residential and care facilities. Aspects of the canal corridor include: 1. Terrestrial habitats and species from dawn to dusk 2. The impact of invasive species 3. The historical genesis of the canals and their current function as recreational, ecological and heritage corridors 4. The work of Waterways Ireland in monitoring the ecological health of the canals as well as partnerships with the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and Leave no Trace Ireland 5. The importance of floating heritage and those community groups who champion them 6. A truly 'immersive' underwater experience 7. The workings of a traditional lock chamber The project was developed in a manner to make the content editable as well as individual elements capable of being extracted for use in websites using viewing technology like SketchFab and the potential to create AR experiences for on site heritage interpretation. To make the headsets COVID safe we have also invested in CleanBox Technology which is a premium, and eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene solution for the UV decontamination of AR, MR, VR, and Communication headsets, eyewear, masks, and other frequently used devices.

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