Alphonse Mucha and Sarah Bernhardt

Mucha: In Search of Beauty - Mucha and Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt was the single most influential figure in Mucha’s life as an artist. Narrated by an interview with Tamsin Omond, Alphonse Mucha’s great-grand-daughter, this dynamic short film explores Mucha’s relationship with Bernhardt and the influence that she had upon his life as an artist. Big Break Legend has it that Mucha’s big break came via a chance encounter with Bernhardt. His poster design for her play ‘Gismonda’ was an immediate success. Bernhardt was thrilled, the success of the Gismonda poster meant that her production received plenty of media attention. She immediately offered Mucha a contract to produce stage and costume designs as well as posters Distinctive Design His easily-recognisable designs repeated motifs including the single full length figure, a halo, and distinctive font. This helped to establish a brand by which Bernhardt came to be recognized, contributing to her international success. International Stage Mucha’s relationship with Sarah Bernhardt propelled him on to the international stage. The posters that he designed for the actress captured the spirit of the time, the new ‘Art Nouveau’ style. His posters democratized this style, literally taking it to the streets, and placing Sarah at the heart of this exciting new movement. Relationship An insightful and poignant portrait of their relationship is detailed in this newly shot film by Mucha’s great-granddaughter, Tamsin Omond and features evocative, atmospheric visuals shot backstage at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal.

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