Eisenstein. If things could talk.
Even if you don't know who this great man was, the exhibits of the museum in the augmented reality will reveal his vivid personality and tell you more about his incredible life than your guide can.
Each item has a deep meaning. Learn more about it by pointing your phone camera at the exhibit.
And a portrait is no longer just a portrait, but a work and gift of a famous French diva, and a table is not just a piece of furniture, but a design by the masters of avant-garde of the twenties of the twentieth century.
The objects speak to you. Details inaccessible to the eye become closer. Now you're not just looking at an interior, but a whole story that comes alive with the app in multimedia format in multiple languages.
With the app, you look at things through different eyes.
Sergei Eisenstein's room looks very modern, despite its almost century-old age. Eisenstein was already ahead of his time, leaving behind many great films and books.
Even now he continues to teach us the art of cinema and life, urging us to free ourselves from the unnecessary and leave space only for the important things that reflect special moments and events.
Now every visitor can immerse himself in Eisenstein's world, understand what moved him, feel his experiences. In this way the museum satisfies the spiritual needs of people to communicate with cultural heritage, different eras, as well as with other people.
See for yourself. Come to the museum or use the online version of the app from any mobile device.