VR Apps "Artist's Studio Utrillo-Valadon in Montmartre, PARIS"

1. Summary of ArtofCorner

The concept: ArtofCorner develops Virtual Reality (VR) Turnkey projects in the fields of Art, Culture and Heritage.
• AoC publishes VR content with photographic rendering.
• AoC broadcasts its VR content internationally in a materialized and dematerialized way.

The perimeter: following the success of the project developed with the MONTMARTRE Museum, ArtofCorner acts simultaneously with several heritage players, both in France and China, where identified partners have already expressed their interest.

The target: ArtofCorner is aimed at both the institutions and the general public. Companies with showrooms - Luxury and Retail - are also targets: with the solution developed, they can virtualize these showrooms and then distribute them internationally.

In search of investors: with its expertise and vision of this emerging market, Frédéric PURGAL is looking for investors and sponsors who can finance the development of ArtofCorner internationally.

2. Presentation of the concept

a. ArtofCorner, the future of heritage
ArtofCorner values the cultural heritage by reconstructing it in 3D virtual reality (VR), not Video360 °. AoC exploits the codes of the video game, while being realistic. The user experience is both impressive and engaging. It transforms the visitor VR into spect-actor. The company is launching an innovative business model based on a virtual distribution via download platforms, combined with a materialized distribution via VR spaces in public area, while being present on the main VR headsets of the market.

"We are deeply convinced that this new form of museum mediation responds to a strong social need for democratization and accessibility to culture towards a broad international audience. Together with our partners, we offer VR "turnkey" projects, from financing to distribution through the creation of photo-realistic VR content. We can thus widely broadcast these different funds "outside walls" and even bring a complementary income to these institutions. "
Frédéric PURGAL – ArtofCorner / CEO Founder

b. ArtofCorner's Business Model enables to target many customers ...
• Heritage conservation institutions ArtofCorner, through its vocation to broadcast culture, has come into contact with Heritage Conservation Institutions, its first partners for the digitization of content.
• Multi-brand VR headset users ArtofCorner aims to reach an audience with individual VR equipment. This public will opt for the download of VR apps either free or paid, and this, from the platforms specific according to the brands.
• VR spaces via materialized devices ArtofCorner is also planning to broadcast its content on accessible VR devices in public places, including VR cinemas or VR park and area now being deployed around the world.
• Virtualization of Showrooms ArtofCorner has identified interest from companies with showrooms. These companies will be able to offer realistic 3D VR catalogs to their customers, via download platforms or through hardware devices in stores.

c. ... with two categories of income: direct and indirect income
Direct income (B2B): everything ArtofCorner produces and sells to an end customer who will own the entire application. Direct incomes are punctual over time.
Indirect income (B2B2C): everything ArtofCorner produces and publishes to an end user. Partners will be involved in the project; Which will involve a sharing of the revenues generated between the various stakeholders. Indirect revenues are recurring over time.

3. Results of our Proof Of Concept "Artist's Studio Utrillo-Valadon in Montmartre, Paris"

a. Main features of the POC: With virtual reality headsets HTC Vive and Oculus RIFT, the virtual museum of the french painters Maurice Utrillo and Suzanne Valadon allows the user to see 3D paintings, access to a TV documentary, and be immersed in the studio of these artists in Montmartre. The virtual manipulation of objects is also made possible on the version for HTC Vive. Photographic rendering makes the user experience unique to date.

b. Technical characteristics of the POC:
- Construction techniques: classical cgi & photogrammetry.
- Development environment under Unreal Engine & Unity3d.
- Multi-brand VR Headset : Oculus RIFT, HTC Vive and soon under StarVR and SONY PS VR.

c. The main stages of the project:

- Partnership with MONTMARTRE Museum (January 2016) and ARFORIA (March 2016), co-developer of the VR app, - First public presentation in June 2016 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts ("Heritage in Immersion" - Festival Futur en Seine),
- Obtaining the BPI / French Tech grant for the financing of the R & D program with € 21k (August 2016),
- "Augmented Heritage", Mission with Business France in China, Chengdu and Beijing (September 2016),
- POC awarded at the "Screen4All" show in St-Denis, in the Art / Culture category (October 2016),
- Exhibitor at the VR Days 2016 in Amsterdam (November 2016),
- POC broadscated at the Géode (Paris La Villette / Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie) in the space devoted to RV (since December 2016),
- POC broadscated on the STEAM VR / VIVEPORT platform as a FREE download in 32 countries since 22 December 2016,
- Awarded with the Innovation Trophy by Initiative Plaine Commune (February 2017),
- Exhibitor at the trade show "VIRTUALITY" in Paris (February 2017),
- Second visit to China in Beijing and Wuhan to present the POC to potential partners and investors (March 2017),
- Exhibitor at the show "LAVAL VIRTUAL 2017" in Laval (March 2017), with 2 devices in demonstration on stand B14. And selected with 10 other companies to pitch with international investors in VR Content on Thursday, March 22, 2017.

d. Focus on the presence of the Appli VR on STEAM VR / VIVEPORT: https://www.viveport.com/apps/67921204-7aff-42f2-928c-b9707f67b601 APPLI VR IN THE FIRST THIRD OF THE MOST DOWNLOADED APPLIANCES ON VIVEPORT AT THE BEGINNING OF 2017
Here the two main video captures of a User Experience:
• Application for HTC Vive >>> https://youtu.be/vqBr2328U08
• Application for Oculus RIFT >>> https://youtu.be/JywOIGaePzc

NB : the ideal case, to realize the impact of the User Experience, is to test the VR app on VR headset. This being impossible here, the two videos show in 2d (not 3d) the specific path of a user. All the potential is measured by testing yourself on VR headset.

4. Prospects for future developments

a. Planned development of the VR app "Atelier UTRILLO à MONTMARTRE" With our partners, the MONTMARTRE Museum and ARFORIA, we are planning very soon to produce a paid extension to the first version of the VR app with a presentation of the place in 8 languages and the discovery of additional visiting area. This add-on extension would complement the first free version of our VR App, broadcast on VIVEPORT in 32 countries.

b. Development prospects envisaged by ArtofCorner & ongoing projects:
- Partnership with PARIS MUSEES on a first realization with the Musée Bourdelle.
- Partnership with PAN UNIVERSE INTERNATIONAL, a Chinese audiovisual production company, for a VR visit of collections of precious and inaccessible objects to the public of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Search for funding in progress. LOI signed and available.
- Partnership with StarVR (JV * between Starbreeze and ACER) to bring our Vr app under the StarVR headset. NDA * signed. This VR helmet, soon on the market, has technical qualities superior to the VR headsets currently available. For information, StarVR has signed an agreement with the IMAX Domes and is positioned primarily on B2B.
- Negotiation in progress with a major brand of men's clothing in the United States for the virtualization of their showroom in New York (HOME range / interior decoration objects). NDA signed.
- Participant in the program "Nursery EUROPE CREATIVE 2017" with RELAIS CULTURE EUROPE.

5. What are the needs of ArtofCorner?

Confident on its expertise, the quality of the partnerships already committed, its vision and its positioning in this emerging market, ArtofCorner is essentially looking for investors and sponsors who can finance the development of ArtofCorner internationally.
Indeed, we consider that having our POC tested on tradeshow remains the best prospecting argument, we are committed to very short-term on this two main events :
- Exhibitor at World VR Forum 2017 in Crans Montana (Switzerland / May 11-14) on the MARKET CONTENT (VR financing).
- Exhibitor and lecturer on the Sunny Side of the Doc 2017 show in La Rochelle (June 19-22) on the PIXII event.

Given the quality and potential of partnerships to date, our support needs are important: seeking funding, international access and the many legal aspects to be addressed.

Thank you for your attention ;)
Frédéric PURGAL – ArtofCorner / CEO & Founder

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