The Roman heritage: PO.RO.S – Museu Portugal Romano em Sicó
Be part of the civilization that changed the world. The PO.RO.S – Museu Portugal Romano in Sicó is located in Condeixa-a-Nova, a municipality where many vestiges of Roman civilization are still visible. Opened in May 2017, the PO.RO.S has 1200m2 of exhibition area. In 11 thematic rooms it is not only possible to learn, but also to experience the culture of the Roman occupation in Terras de Sicó. 2000 years ago, at the edge of the empire, the Romans established, in Conimbriga, a truly Romanized center that mirrored the customs and traditions of the capital Rome. Now, in this museum, it is possible to travel back in time and return to the golden age of Roman civilization. At PO.RO.S every visitor starts by passing through the tunnel of time. From this point on, the only elements of the 21st century are the multimedia installations that will allow you to learn every detail of the Roman people and its presence in Terras de Sicó. In the 11 themed rooms you’ll discover the military power of the Romans, the customs of the people, how their economy worked, their legacy and the influences that are still noticeable today. With the experiences of the museum, you’ll feel like a soldier ready to leave for another conquest, you’ll be transported to a relaxing Roman spa and you’ll dress like a true Roman of the time with the help of an interactive mirror. What visitors say about PO.RO.S? On various digital platforms, visitors have praised the project for the value it adds to the community and for the innovative way knowledge is shared. The importance of multimedia installations is highlighted in virtually all Google reviews. In 188 ratings (on 14/06/2018) the average rating is 4.6 out of 5. Awards In May 2018, the PO.RO.S – Museu Portugal Romano em Sicó was awarded the "Management and Multimedia Application Award" by the Portuguese Museum Association.

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