Walk the Wall Athens

Walk the Wall-Athens, is an innovative application available for free in English and Greek for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. With the help of this app, the user is able to go on a unique tour of the historical center of Athens and visit its ancient wall. The Themistoklean wall surrounds Athens like a historical chain. The areas it runs through are often associated with references in ancient written sources, whereas each archaeological site that the user visits has made its own contribution to the history of the city. At each step on the ancient wall one has the opportunity to see the exact boundary of the ancient city that existed from Classical times (5th century BC) to the Early Byzantine period (6th century AD), that is, a course of approximately 1000 years.

The excavations on parts of the ancient fortification of Athens began in the middle of the 19th century and continue to this day. You will find that, by decision of the State, the wall has been preserved in a number of ways: in basements of buildings, buried in situ, in the open air or under glass floors. We invite you to recover the ancient circuit wall from oblivion and to use its preserved remains as motivation for wandering in the historical past of the city. Map the route of the wall of Athens with today’s addresses in order to shape an overall view of its size and scope as a single monument.

From a total of 180 archaeological sites, in which remains of the ancient wall have been revealed so far, we have selected 35 points of this historical route, which we invite you to visit.

The mobile app Walk the Wall - Athens includes:

· interactive map with 35 points of interest (POI)
· accurate coordinates that allow the user to spot the ancient remains
· audio tour for each POI
· rich visual material
· information on the fortification of Athens
· glossary
· timeline
· offline use

Available languages: ENGLISH and GREEK

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