The day of Borodino in augmented reality
This story began more than 100 years ago when Franz Roubaud, a Russian artist of French origin, was ordered a giant panorama depicting the Battle of Borodino.
This battle panorama was painted in a period of very well relations between Russia and France. Due to this fact, this panorama represents not just the point of view of one of the sides at war, but demonstrate the honor and glory of two great nations. The canvas is 14 x 115 meters and was created by Roubaud for a whole year in the suburbs of Munich. The overall image consists of thousands of elements, each of which has its own history.
Visitors look at the panorama from a distance of more than 5 meters. This allows them to see the exhibit on a large scale and feel the events happening holistically, but at the same time, many elements from this distance are difficult to see. In addition, there are so many details that it is difficult to decide on what to pay attention to and what may be of interest to a particular visitor.
Everything changed in 2019, thanks to augmented reality technology and the Artefact platform.
Now the visitor just points the mobile device with the application ARtefact on any part of the panorama and he can see each episode of the battle in detail. Each element has its own story. In addition, the visitor can listen to the audio guide. All content is localized into 2 languages and is available to any museum visitor both in the museum and outside of it.
Any visitor can see the collection of historical tin soldiers in the form of the Battle of Borodino times and arrange them on their own thanks to the augmented reality technology. This has aroused great lively interest among children and many adults. The panorama unfolds even more at the exposition of items of arms and equipment of two armies, awards, items of applied art, graphics, and paintings inspired by the Battle of Borodino. In this way, the visitor is as immersed in the events of this era as possible.
As a result of the project:
- Visitors for the first time can see not only the large-scale epic canvas as a whole, but also learn many stories depicted on it, feel the grandeur of Franz Roubaud's plan.
- The museum was able to communicate the results of its many years of research in an accessible and interesting form, attract the press and generate interest among the general public.
That's when the next 100 years of the Borodino Panorama began. This time with new technologies, which helped to reveal the depth of the great artist's idea.