The Batana Ecomuseum: documenting and presenting traditional shipbuilding skills

The central interpretation space is a multimedia exhibition: the short and concise accompanying text complements the diverse visual content (museum objects, drawings, archival and modern photography, films, slide projections and interactive exhibits). A unique method of using innovative new technologies (digital cameras and computers) was used for the purpose of documenting traditional shipbuilding skills, resulting in a compact 15 minute slide projection, which in the permanent exhibition, explains the two-month’s process of building the batana boat Oûn rìgno (Kingdom). The boat was built by Francesco Budicin at the time an 80-year old batana constructor who used these technologies in documenting his own work.  As there is only one person left actively building batanas in the traditional way, the video is not only an innovative way of presenting intangible heritage integrated in the exhibition but its other purpose is to document our past and educate our community for the future.

Extra media