The garden of earthly delights

Juan Ibáñez as a multidisciplinary artist, he easily traverses through the worlds of drawing, painting, sculpture and animation. Its academic content includes Bachelor Decorative Arts, Bachelor degree with honors Fine Arts, Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Masters in Communication and Design.  Yet for years, it has combined an artistic practice with the art direction and design. Up to the date, his artwork has been exhibited in national and international galleries of art (Spain, EEUU, France and Japan), and has worked for a several fashion, culture, comic and literary magazine. He was awarded a Talens Foundation scholarship in 1983, and Rodríguez Acosta Foundation scholarship in 1985.   In early 2009 he directed the short film "The Garden of Earthly Delights", presented to the Steering Committee of MACC (Atlantic Market of Contemporary Arte), an art event programmed in Tenerife, where it was selected to her premiere.   In 2011, the garden of earthly delights was incorporated in the stage on the theatre play of the same name by Fernando Arrabal. The short film will be part of the cinema programme, on the occasion of the V centenary of Hieronymus Bosch, organized by the Prado Museum.   The film's pedagogic interest lies in the possibility of offering a new vision of the work of art that's closer to the current visual education which highlights the movement and action over the static-ness of traditional painting. On the order hand, it allows for a deeper comprehension of the symbols which infer and draw closer artistic perceptions from different eras and artistic manifestations.

Juan Ibanez multidisciplinary artist  

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