The idea never wavers

An essential concern of the documentary was to provide a voice for these men and women who, in many cases, had been factory hands for a significant part of their active lives. They stopped working for various reasons, including retirement or having to leave the factory as a result of its bankruptcy and closure. Practically all of these ex-workers share a deep sense of belonging and self-identification with the factory. It is as if they still even today feel as members of this collective group.

The Robinson Foundation suggested that I included a significant number of former workers, men, and women, from various generations, with various experiences at distinct periods of the factory´s activity.

"The idea never wavers" shows us that all these men and women need to have hope and to believe. Even if at a certain moment there are indications that the opposite to what one would wish is happening, they can never weaken and accept the fatality of unemployment, of a dependent life and the breaking of the ties that bind each other. Lowering one´s arms, giving up, leads to renunciation and a death foretold.

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