The ‘Imaginarium’ of Master Bernink – Natura Docet Wonderrijck

Local people were enlisted as extras, and the many aerial (bird point of view) shots done with the help of a local Ultralight Aircraft enthusiast making twinflights with our cameraman. No stock-shots were used. Every shot was really made in Bernink’s original habitat.

In the movie Master Bernink dreams back to when he went out, looking for new butterflies for his collection. It feels like you are the schoolteacher himself; softly brushing the feathers of the stuffed snake eagle in his study, walking through the nature of Twente - the eastern region of the Netherlands -, carrying his herbarium-bag and being a very close witness of natural phenomena, among which is a stirring wrestle between the snake and the eagle from the museum. You even see through the eyes of all the main animals in the film.

In this case 3D (stereo) really had an optimal function and thanks to the subtle combination of live action and after effects, of a nature movie and motion graphic design, Master Bernink’s collection as displayed in the museum comes to life in a realistic way with a fairy-tale touch. It gives you the same feeling of love, care, curiosity and respect for flora and fauna as the schoolteacher had.

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