The Railway Museum: the Railway Yard

The Railway Museum: an introduction The Railway Museum welcomes it’s visitors to the exciting world of railways. A world in which you can wander through an English mining village and meet the first engine-driver John Middlemis and the first locomotive of The Netherlands 'De Arend'. Go on a journey with the Orient Express and feel what it was like to be a tourist at the end of the 19th century. Take a ride under, between and over 'Steel Monsters' or visit an enormous workshop full of trains. And experience for yourself how it feels to be a train driver, fireman or brakeman in the breathtaking, exciting journey of the Fire Test. Around 350.000 visitors enjoy The Dutch Railway museum every year. The Railway Yard The backyard of the museum consists of a big rail yard which was used as a depot area for steam engines and other trains. The museum always wanted to transform this large space to a 1950's working railway yard. Eventually work on this area started in 2010. Design company Northern Light was asked to work with us to ensure the educational experience. Work on the area was finished in 2011 and visitors now take a peek behind the scenes of a railway yard. The whole area is renovated and brought back to the 1950’s where steam driven engines and electric trains lived side by side. Visitors now wander around and get a feeling of how working life was at a Railway Station. Working signals, railroad switches, riding trains, coal cranes and a water tower shows the diversity of the working area. During their trip on the yard visitors meet the 7 railway workers who tell their story about working for the railways in the 1950’s. A free app is downloadable for visitors. A paper quest is also available for visitors without smart phones. On the APP: Life In The Railway Yard Before entering the yard, visitors of the museum have the possibility to download the free app. Goal of the app is to find and unlock the seven hotspots during their trip and activate an augmented reality animation. At each hotspot the guest finds a natural marker such as the side of a coal cart, the signal cabin or a signalbox. The marker unlocks the animation which shows the visitor what and how the actual work took place on that location. The animations demonstrate the work of employees and how the historical trains, buildings and equipment of the railway yard were once used. Examples of employees and their work that you can find in the app are: signalman, engine-driver, fireman and trackworkers. Earn a Reward Every animation ends with a question or game. Once all seven hotspots have been found, and the questions answered correctly, visitors earn a Dutch Railway Museum Award that they can share via social media. Archive and user generated content The archive gives visitors a glimpse into the world of the railways from the beginning till now on. It contains beautiful photos of the historic Dutch railway and visitors are invited to add their own photos and memories to the collection. Anticipation & After visiting the museum The visitor can download the app at home but has to visit the museum to be able to unlock the augmented reality animations. He only has to unlock them once, after this he gets full access to the material. He can then use the app to show the information and films to friends & family. Availability The App is for free and available in the App Store

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