The Second World War in 100 Objects

Project objectives The unique exhibition The Second World War in 100 Objects was part of a lager campaign, initiated by the National Committee for 4 and 5 May, to increase awareness on Dutch war museums and their collections. The participating museums provided exceptional objects, which were presented together for the first time at the Kunsthal. These 100 objects were chosen by guest curator and well known Dutch journalist Ad van Liempt. Together they tell the story of the Second Word War in the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies in an original way. In the campaign the Second World War portal played a vital role. For the campaign The Second World War in 100 Objects an online version of the exhibition, developed by Black Magic Marker, was displayed on this website. It stayed online after the exhibition closed in May 2014. Visit: Design and content The design of the website mirrors the design of the exhibition in the Kunsthal. In the Kunsthal one would see a maze of individual displays through which the visitor could find its own way. On the website the visitors see a mosaic of objects with a photo of each object displayed in a small square/ tile, without hierarchy. One can click on a tile to go to the page of the individual object or browse through the objects in a chronological order via the central drop down menu. Information is offered on different levels, so that the visitor can decide in to what extent he or she wants to be informed. The object is explained in an explanatory text and each object is placed in context by adding original World War II photo’s. All the objects were photographed in detail for the website, so that one could study all the parts of an object. As an extra feature audio files were added to the Dutch description of thirty objects, so that people could hear the story as well as read it. In the Dutch version of the website the visitor would also find information on the project, the exhibition, the twenty five war participating museums and the press on the project. The website is completely responsive, to make it accessible for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Communication The site has been used as a campaign medium: before the exhibition, information on certain objects was gradually presented to the public, both on the website and on Facebook. This was done in order to get the general public involved. The mosaic on the website was filled gradually. The complete website with all the 100 objects went online on the 4th of February, as an integral part of the exhibition in the Kunsthal. The digital exhibition had 129,000 unique visitors between August 2013 and June 2014.

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