The use of Smart Devices Applications for Interactive Learning of Cultural Heritage

Location Based Apps & CMS - Automatic Museum Guide triggers by iBeacons or GPS

Locatify’s goal is to constantly improve an easy to use platform for publishing location-based tours and games, which are later used on smart phones or tablets. Locatify develops technology to create and offer new solutions in edutainment of cultural heritage. The mission of the company is to identify new opportunities within edutainment and to constantly improve solutions in an environmentally friendly way for the European cultural heritage. The Automatic Museum Guide is a revolutionary technology for museums, which provides visitors navigation, guidance and narration. The product is already in use in Eldheimar museum in Iceland and is being installed elsewhere. Similar applications from Locatify are in use in Norwegian Magma Geopark, GeaNorwegia Geopark and Icelandic Katla Geopark. The application detects where visitor is located and when visitor approaches pre-set objects or artifacts it plays the corresponding guide which can be in the form of audio, video, pictures or text. The Automatic Museum Guide can be used in every museum or other institution with objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, historical and other importance – indoor or outdoor. To determine visitor location indoor application uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, which are placed, in museum. Installation of the beacons is easy, fast and requires minimal maintenance. BLE technology is the latest trend for determination of the location indoor and Locatify has developed a fully functional and tested product on its basis. The guidance with Automatic Museum Guide is simple and museum curators do not have to rely on signs and MP3 players to deliver information to visitors. The app is also multilingual and allows visitors to listen, watch or read objects descriptions in their first language. Visitors can see a venue map of the museum at any time with their location on it as a blue-dot, and information about artifacts in different rooms is accessible to them. One of the most important benefits is also support of active learning. The application allows creation of treasure hunt games with challenges to solve played solo or in teams. Qualities of Locatify’s products - shortlist:

  • Easy to create content for apps, the CMS tools can be used by beginners and professionals alike
  • Sustainable, content can be updated with ease and published in apps without republishing apps or use printed material
  • Automatic Museum Guide can be used without internet connection once it has been downloaded
  • It is easy to use the apps to learn about cultural heritage of Europe while they are entertaining and informative
  • Products are multilingual, cultural heritage is therefore accessible to different nation
  • Locatify’s products emphasis on protection of stories, culture and environment and to make heritage accessible to the public
  • All products undergo effective quality control to maintain good status

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