Touch Van Gogh - App for tablet

The Van Gogh Museum decided to make an app – Touch Van Gogh - that harnesses the multi-touch capability of tablet computers to provide a playful introduction to the complex information that lies hidden in and underneath Van Gogh’s paint. It was published in October 2013 in the app stores and can be used by art lovers worldwide.

The app is also used in the museum galleries. In recent years, our curation and interpretation of the new research findings have been influenced by new media such as multi-touch tablets and the new modes of communication that they foster. We took advantage of new technological ‘habits’ to promote immersion and engagement among visitors and non-visitors alike, onsite and online.
In the app-building process we made choices - with regard to storytelling, modes of presentation, interfaces, tone of voice, look and feel, languages and technical issues – to make technical information widely accessible and appealing to various groups.

App for tablets: 'Touch Van Gogh' What paintings can reveal The English-language app for tablets called Touch Van Gogh reveals the secrets in and behind the paint on Van Gogh's canvases. Discover the amazing stories behind The bedroom, Daubigny's garden or View from Theo's apartment and learn more about the latest research at the Van Gogh Museum. The app includes information about reused canvases, paint discolouration, and Van Gogh's use of the perspective frame. Another 12 paintings will be included in the app during the coming two years. Download the free app from the App Store (iOS 6 or higher) or Google Play. The app was created by the Van Gogh Museum for anyone who wants to: • take a closer look at Van Gogh's paintings; • find out more about Van Gogh's working methods; • discover the secrets behind Van Gogh's painting technique; • find out more about Van Gogh's history; • learn more about the latest research into Van Gogh's studio practice. Touch Van Gogh is developed in cooperation with IJsfontein.

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