Video Time Machine of Delft - Museum Prinsenhof Delft

The former cloister chapel of the historical building is dedicated to the worldwide success of Delft Blue. In the heart of the room a ‘monument’ of Delftware masterpieces is surrounded by the immersive movie; it tells the story of Delft and Delft Blue as the city-changing commercial success it once was. Highlights of Delft, Delftware and innovation are connected, literally: the seventeen screens move towards each other every scene. Large clock arrow with video is the trigger for a sequence of innovative and creative milestones. We see Delft and the people of Delft: the arrival of the 'plateelbakkers' (the ceramists), via Vermeer to the Technical University of Delft and the future. As the projection moves around the monument and the public, the story moves from past to present. In an endless loop, the scenes pass on moments in time ‘to each other’. The public is immersed in a cycle of birth, invention and succession. Concept & idea: XPEX Experience Experts    

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