West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen presents: Museum Robbery

The West Bohemia Museum in Pilsen, with a collection of more than 2 million items, is one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic. Nowadays museum occupies four buildings in the center of Pilsen: the monumental Neo-Renaissance building, Franciscan Monastery and three important medieval patrician buildings on the square. Short but important introduction... Main buliding The museum has a stunning range of displays- including the largest town armory in Europe with a large collection of hand-cannon, blunderbuss, fire-locks and other medieval firearms, along with a decent selection of pole-arms. But the Prehistoric Archaeology galleries are knock out- the material on display is outstanding especially if you want to understand central European prehistory. In the History gallery- which explains the appearance and development of Pilsen - there are attempts to make the past accessible.   Museum of Religious Art of the Pilsen Diocese The museum, located in a Franciscan monastery, is conceived as a set of real Christian artifacts that introduce visitors to the world of Christians. The museum was redesigned and reopened in 2012 - more attractive and larger. In that way monastery itself turn into an exhibit. The highlight of the tour is a "treasure" expressing admiration for the most valuable works of art of European importance, liturgical objects and vestments from the parishes of the Pilsen Bishopric and depositories of the West Bohemia Museum in Pilsen.   Ethnography Museum of Pilsen Region The National History Museum of the Pilsen Region is housed in two connected historical buildings - the Chotesov and Gerlach houses. There are exhibits of Pilsen residential interiors from the Gothic to the first third of the 20th century and a Baroque pharmacy. The Puppet Museum in Pilsen The museum profits on the local rich puppet-acting tradition and describes the activities of puppet theaters in Pilsen and its nearest vicinity.Museum building has been one of the most important patrician buildings in the city since the Middle Ages and it is part of the original medieval town plan, the shape of which can still be seen today. Many people (even from Pilsen) don´t know anything about museum and its outstanding houses and displays. That´s why we decided to promote the museum in funny but tasteful way. All of the above mentioned buildings you can see in the vintage film. Six from the eight actors are museum employees and their children.