Your teenage bedroom reimagined

The exhibition 3FM presents: Your Serious Radio focuses on the importance of music and radio in your teenage years. It does so through showcasing DJs from all eras of 3FM, featuring hits and radio jingles from the 1960s up until now, and by letting the visitor’s experience what it’s like to produce a radio show. When visitors enter the exhibition, they are asked to create a personal and topical profile: Their year of birth, gender and their favourite radio show, song, musical genre from their teens. All this data is stored in the RFID-chipped ring that visitors receive, when they visit Sound and Vision’s museum. It is this profile that extensively feeds the key interactive installation of Your Serious Radio: A videomapping installation of a teenage bedroom that molds itself to the users profile, creating a window to their own teen years.

Thus we needed audiovisual content representing 50 years of fashion, music, tv-programmes, styles and subculture visualized in books, posters, wallpapers, and interior design like couches and even bed linen, all sourced from open content providers. Could this be done? We ended up using more than 250 open images in our videomapping; more than 80% of the total, creating a surprisingly bright and exciting exhibit.

Extra media