Winners of the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 announced

20 May 2016

Lesbos, Greece, 20 May 2016  Today, Belgium’s Provincie Limburg was awarded for the Heritage in Motion ‘Best Achievement Award’ for their project ‘Limburg 1914-1918, Small Stories from a Great War’.

3 other category winners were also announced during the annual conference of the European Museum Academy, this year held at the Museum of the Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Lesbos. 

Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition on themes related to Europe’s cultural and natural heritage for the creators and users of films, games, apps and websites. It celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, engaging the public with Europe’s outstanding heritage in all its forms.

The Jury was unanimous in declaring Provincie Limburg as the winner of the Best Achievement Award. “Limburg 1914-1918, Small stories from a Great War” is a multi-layered project that smartly combines many different communication tools to engage a large general audience in the personal memories of the Great War, which has had such a large impact on the region. 

Jury: “This is an impressive long-term project which is a testament to the enthusiasm of the creators and the local community. This 'firing on all cylinders' approach cleverly combines many different forms of media in different settings to tell emotional and personal stories of the Great War that hit home.”


The other winners are:
•    Virtual Architecture Museum: Russia by Vizerra (Category: apps for mobile devices)
Jury: “This is a multi-faceted valorisation of architectural heritage, introducing innovative methods of digital preservation. This huge and time-consuming research project gives archives a chance to show their holdings in an engaging way.”


•    ArchivPortal - D -  Building a German Archives Portal: Germany by Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (Category: websites and online content) Jury: “This well-structured website is easy to navigate, leads quickly to digitized objects and is suited for the needs of very different users.  A solid project and an example for other archives.”


•    Strong Water: interactive exploration on the history of the Dutch Waterline: The Netherlands by IJsfontijn and Platvorm (Category: Games & Interactive Experiences) 
Jury: “This is a good combination of the virtual and the physical. While the individual aspects of the exhibition are not necessarily innovative, it is the total concept that impressed the jury, combining enticing ideas such as 'what-if' scenario's to create an inspired interactive experience.”