Winners of the Heritage in Motion Awards 2019 announced!

20 September 2019

This evening, Norway's KulturIT was awarded the Heritage in Motion 'Best Achievement Award' and Winner in the category 'Website' for their website ''! Three other category winners were also announced during the annual conference of the European Museum Academy, this year hosted by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.

Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition on themes related to Europe's cultural and natural heritage for the creators and users of films, games, apps and websites. It celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, engaging the public with Europe's outstanding heritage in all its forms.

The Jury was unanimous in declaring as the winner of the Best Achievement Award.

'The aim of DigitalMuseum is to provide the public with better tools for searching and browsing artefacts, photographs, videos and curated material, making it possible to use the material for research, teaching and interactive exchange with the public. At the same time the project strives to offer museums an efficient tool for dissemination, communication and analysis of their online presence.'

Jury: "A well-documented project, covering thoroughly the collections of 300 cultural institutions in Norway & Sweden: an ambitious example of cooperation, with significant outreach, both in the museum professionals and the general public."

The other winners are:

Jury: " A colorful, poetic presentation on the project of valorization of the Ljubljana River: the intertwining of images of the natural beauty and of sequences on the various aspects of the project highlights the very notion of cultural landscape: the close connexion between man and environment and the need to respect nature."

  • ArchAIDE (ArchAIDE, Italy) in the category "App"

Jury: "The technologies of image recognition and 3D modelling, as well as of big data and open-sourcing are put to the service of archaeology. This app could potentially evolve into a very innovative and useful tool."

  • Radiophonic Spaces (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / interiors, Germany) in the category "Games & interactive experiences"

Jury: "This audio-physical "parcours" invites visitors to get acquainted with radio art: each one delves into the works at his/her own pace. The visitors' movement & interaction literally "gives body" to the personalized parcours, enabling them not only to hear, but also to feel the works. The individualization of the experiences goes even further, with the possibility of storing the material in order to "revisit" it."

In addition, the project 'COURAGE: connecting collections' received a Special Mention at the ceremony for taking up the challenge of dealing with a period of "dissonant heritage" and adopting a comprehensive, democratic approach. The versatile website invites its visitors to discover various aspects of these counter-cultures through various means, adapted to different needs, approaches and expectations. It delivers a message of tolerance and freedom of expression, bearing a strong impact on the communities.

The Heritage in Motion Awards are a joint initiative of Europa Nostra and the European Museum Academy and is empowered by Europeana.

The European Museum Academy is a non-profit foundation representing museums at the European level. The EMA has members in more than 30 countries.

Europa Nostra, the Voice of Cultural Heritage, represents a rapidly growing citizen's movement for the safeguarding of Europe's cultural and natural heritage. Its extensive European network covers almost 50 countries in Europe.

Europeana is the central network for the digital cultural heritage sector in Europe and directly connects thousands of cultural institutions with European citizens.